Club Sandy
Drew episode 106





First Aired

February 23, 2013


Colin Clark

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Club Sandy is the seventh episode of the first Season of Drew. It will air February 23, 2013.



Major Characters

  • Drew Parker
  • Celine Rosera
  • Trey Thomas
  • Emily McKellar
  • Josh Samberg
  • Olivia Grace

Minor Characters

  • Sandy Burglehorn
  • Grisney



In the Hallway

  • Drew: *running in* Guh! Where’s my pen?!
  • Celine: What’s wrong Drew?
  • Drew: I haven’t signed up for my club yet and in 30 seconds hundreds of people are gonna flow in when the buses arrive.
  • Celine: What Club Sign ups? My homeroom teacher tells me nothing!
  • Trey: *walks in* Oh, last minute sign ups? I was pro-active and singed up already.
  • Drew: PEN!!
  • Celine: What did you sign up for?
  • Trey: Study Hall.
  • Drew: Oh no. We aren’t gonna make it!
  • Celine: What do we do?
  • Drew: Against the wall!!!

<<Drew, Trey, and Celine pin to the wall>> <<SLAM>>

  • Trey: Wow. This is a record amount of people.
  • Josh: *walks in* Whoa! Good thing I already signed up for Algebra Club.
  • Olivia: *runs in* C’mon Emily!
  • Emily: *runs in after* Get to the bulletin board!
  • Olivia: Let me in people! I am popular!!!

<<crowd settles down>>

  • Emily: Oh wait, I already signed up for beauty club! *twirls hair*
  • Olivia: I thought you were gonna wait for me!
  • Emily: Oh right! I didn’t.
  • Drew: Well, let’s see what’s left.
  • Trey: Nothing I bet.
  • Celine: Well, nothing good.
  • Josh: Oh, there is one club with open spots...
  • Olivia: What is it?
  • Josh: ...Club Sandy.
  • Drew: Dangit!
  • Celine: Do we have to do a club?
  • Trey: It’s a requirement.
  • Olivia: I demand to be in the Beauty Club!
  • Emily: Just face it Olivia. If it makes you better, I will switch with you,
  • Olivia: Okay!
  • Emily: I wasn't serious!!!
  • Drew: Well, I guess Me, Celine, and Olivia are stuck in whatever Club Sandy is.

Club Sandy (in Algebra Classroom)

  • Sandy: Hi everyone! Welcome to Club Sandy!
  • Celine: Hi.
  • Drew: Hey.
  • Olivia: Ew.
  • Sandy: So first, let’s go over some basic information. I am Sandy Burglehorn, the president of Club Sandy. Founded by me! And this person to my right is my BESTIE Grisney.
  • Grisney: Hey guys! Welcome to Club Sandy!
  • Celine: *whispers to Drew* What kind of name is Grisney?
  • Drew: I have no idea.
  • Celine: So what do we even do here?
  • Grisney: Well, we most--
  • Sandy: My turn to speak!
  • Grisney: Sorry.
  • Sandy: We mostly talk about girl things.
  • Drew: Ugh.
  • Sandy: And deli foods.
  • Olivia: Ew, red meat products.
  • Sandy: And DREW!
  • Celine: Oh this should be good. *laughs*
  • Grisney: But we can really talk about anything pretty much.
  • Sandy: Legal that is.
  • Drew: Can we draw?
  • Sandy: We can watch you draw, baby. *smirks*
  • Olivia: Okay so I will go now. Bye.
  • Grisney: Guards!
  • Olivia: What guards?
  • Grisney: Okay, we don’t have guards.
  • Sandy: But you can’t leave the club room until the period is over.
  • Celine: What if we have to go to the bathroom?
  • Sandy: Then we all have to go.
  • Drew: *looks around* ...ALL of us?
  • Sandy: Yep! *smiles*
  • Olivia: UGH! *slumps down in chair* Can we put on make-up?
  • Grisney: Sandy?
  • Sandy: Yep. But you have to share with the rest of the girls.
  • Olivia: I give up.
  • Drew: *rubs head* I can't wait until this club is over.