Colin Clark




June 23




Writer, Producer

Years Active

2010 - present

Colin Clark, is a writer, and producer of movies and TV shows. He is the president of his own production company, Clark TV.

Writing/Producing career

Colin Clark decided that he wanted to try writing out. He wrote many books, but always gave up through them. He then decided to try using already produced material and put different "spins" on it. That created Alternate iCarly, and Alternate Victorious, which both started in 2011 and ended in 2012. Colin took a break from writing to divulge into other fields. Once he returned, he came up with the idea of Drew. As more ideas kept flowing in, he started his production company, Clark TV.


Clark is also getting involved in movies. He is currently working on a movie idea, and another either movie or TV series.

Personal life

Colin Clark bases much of his writing on his own personal experiences, such as growing up in the suburbs, and having many different dreams for his life. An upcoming series of his is very influenced by his visits to areas where the show takes place.


Colin keeps fans up to date with blogs and a News Thread.

Upcoming Shows

Colin has confirmed that he will be producing a new show that will take place in and around the Southern U.S. called "Stars of the South".