Comic Store Mayhem
Drew episode 108





First Aired

March 2, 2013


Colin Clark

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Comic Store Mayhem is the eight episode of the first Season of Drew. It will air March 2, 2013.


This episode will probably take place in a comic store.


Major Characters

  • Drew Parker
  • Celine Rosera
  • Trey Thomas
  • Emily McKellar
  • Josh Samberg
  • Olivia Grace



Drew's basement

  • Mom: Here you go sweetie pie *Hands Drew and Trey lemonade*
  • Drew: MOM!
  • Mom:Sorry,This place is a mess, Clean it up a little *Walks upstairs*
  • Trey:Okay Sweetie pie, let's clean this room.
  • Drew:Trey! Don't call me that
  • Drew and Trey clean room*
  • Trey:Want to go to the comic book store today? A bunch of new comics came out
  • Drew:Maybe after we finish tidying? Which comics?
  • Trey:Anyway my favourites, Batman,Superman,Spiderman and Thor are out
  • Drew: Ooohh nice

Comic book store

  • Drew:Okay, how much money do you have?
  • Trey: Around 5 bucks
  • Drew:Trey! This can't happen every week we get a new comic
  • Celine: Drew? Trey?
  • Drew: *blushes* Oh hi, what are you doing here?
  • Celine:Just buying some comics *smiles*
  • Trey:She likes comics that's so hot
  • Drew:*Punches Trey in the arm* Oh which comics? *Blushes more*
  • Celine:Just Wonder Woman today
  • Sandy: *Holding her little brother's arm* DREW!?!?!?
  • Drew:Oh no
  • Sandy: What are you doing at this geek fest? My stupid mom made me take my geeky brother here!
  • Drew:Eh, I...
  • Sandy: Eh,I what? *Looks at Celine* You brought him here didn't you didin't you sink brain *Tackles Celine*
  • Drew:Celine!! *Drew pulls Celine off Sandy*
  • Celine: You're a jerk Sandy! *Runs out of store crying*
  • Trey:DRAMA!
  • Sandy:Now she's gone maybe you and I could make out, Drew you in?
  • Drew:Ew no!
  • Sandy:Maybe next time Sugar babe.