Not to be confused with the episode Draw Brawl.

Draw Brawl is the name of an online weekly web series Drew hosts with Celine as co-host.



Each week, Drew will give out a topic for viewers to create and upload to the Draw Brawl website. Drew will pick his two favorites and then feature them on the next episode. After that episode, viewers can vote on which art piece they think is better. The next show, Drew will reveal the winner. Due to this 3 part way of the show, each episode features 3 segments:

  • Part 1 - Drew will reveal a topic for artwork to create, along with one he created.
  • Part 2 - Drew will reveal the 2 pieces of art from last week's topic to vote for.
  • Part 3 - Drew will reveal the winning art piece of the topic from two weeks before.

Every episode continues like that.


Draw Brawl begins in Season 1, Episode 4: Draw Brawl. After Birthday Surprise, Draw Brawl goes on hiatus while Drew is working at Marvel Studios in New York. Celine mentions broadcasting "Draw Brawl" in Back With Bad News that night, ending the hiatus.

Season 2 will have more appearances of the filming of Draw Brawl, and will center more around the web show.