The New Year's Dance is an annual dance held by the school to celebrate the new year in the Gymnasium. It made its only appearance so far in New Year's Dance. The dance is held in mid-January, right when school starts back up after the holidays.


  1. Drew Parker
  2. Emily McKellar
  3. Celine Rosera
  4. Josh Samberg
  5. Trey Thomas
  6. Olivia Grace
  7. Mason Menderson
  8. Sandy Burglehorn

Other unknown students and faculty.


The dance was said to have balloons in the right place as opposed to last year's where they were scattered on the floor. It was also said to have a punch bowl along with many more snacks. Music is played throughout, as a dance is expected to be.


  1. FavorART Things (Mentioned)
  2. New Year's Dance (Appeared)