Valentine's Day
Drew episode 107





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February 16, 2013


Colin Clark

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Valentine's Day is the sixth episode of the first Season of Drew. It will air February 16, 2013.


This episode is confirmed to be a Valentine's Day themed episode.


Major Characters

  • Drew Parker
  • Celine Rosera
  • Trey Thomas
  • Emily McKellar
  • Josh Samberg
  • Olivia Grace

Minor Characters

  • Mason Menderson
  • Mrs. Smith


  • This is the first holiday episode of Drew.


Drew’s Basement (During Drawl Brawl)

  • Drew: So congratulations John M. on winning the user vote!
  • Celine: Remember to vote for these two pictures of the apocalypse.
  • Drew: And let’s see what you got on comic strip art! See you next time!


  • Trey: *turns off camera* Nice job guys! And Drew, awesome comic strip art you made.
  • Josh: I should try the comic strip.
  • Drew: Maybe. But then it might be a biased choice for me.
  • Josh: That’s the point.
  • Celine: So have you two fellas got a Valentine’s date for tomorrow?
  • Trey: I’m doing this single run. If I work on many girls at once, and give them time, I can have a broad choice of dates for spring. I got a plan.
  • Josh: I don’t need a girlfriend. But I think Grisney has been eyeing me lately. *shivers*
  • Drew: Oh, it’s time for dinner.
  • Celine: We can stay right?
  • Drew: Yeah, let’s go.

(The Next Day) In the Hallway

  • Emily: Where did that girl go... Olivia! ...Olivia!!! *turns corner* Of course.

<<Olivia and Mason making out>>

  • Olivia: Oh hey Emily.
  • Emily: I was looking for you!
  • Olivia: I was with Mason!
  • Mason: You were? When?
  • Olivia: ...right now.
  • Mason: Oh yeah. Whoa check out that door! *walks off*
  • Olivia: Okay I am breaking up with him after today.
  • Drew: *walks up* I see you are having relationship problems?
  • Celine: *walks up* I’m not having any.
  • Olivia: You’re single though.
  • Trey: *walks up* Well, you don’t have to be Celine.
  • Celine: Don’t be desperate.
  • Josh: *walks up* Yeah, Trey... Hey Celine.
  • Celine: JOSH.
  • Josh: Sorry.
  • Emily: So now you are gonna be single Olivia?
  • Olivia: Of course not! I have 5 people on the sing up sheet already.
  • Drew: Hashtag popular girl problems.
  • Olivia: Oh shut up. Being popular is SO not easy.
  • Emily: Being a popular girl’s best friend is so not easy also.
  • Trey: Oh, I bet you guys have it SO rough.
  • Olivia: I know right?!
  • Josh: That was sarcasm.
  • Olivia: *scowls*
  • Trey: Well we got to go to Chemistry. Bye guys.
  • Josh: Bye.
  • Olivia: Please leave.
  • Celine: Stop being rude Olivia.
  • Emily: Guys. Let’s just go to Art.
  • Drew: Best suggestion of the day.

Studio Art

  • Mrs. Smith: Alright class. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves now.


  • Celine: What do I do?
  • Emily: What do you mean?
  • Celine: *whispers* About Olivia! And the revenge! Can’t she just get it over with?
  • Emily: Look, you gotta stop being paranoid about it.
  • Celine: But she is gonna do something!
  • Emily: Not always. Just start being nicer to her and she will probably not do anything.
  • Celine: I can’t pretend to be someone I’m not.
  • Emily: Then you’re screwed.
  • Celine: GUH.


  • Olivia: Hey Drew.
  • Drew: *drawing* Hi.
  • Olivia: So my back-up boyfriend had to call off our movie date tonight.
  • Drew: Don’t you have 4 others?
  • Olivia: Yeah but this one was the only one not doing a sport tonight.
  • Drew: Oh. Bummer.
  • Olivia: Well... I was thinking. Do you wanna go?
  • Drew: Me?
  • Olivia: Yeah. My parents are expecting me to go because I did stuff for them, so could you do me this favor and go?
  • Drew: *looks around* ...Alright.

<<bell rings>>

  • Olivia: Great! Daddy will pick you up at seven! *walks off*
  • Drew: ...What is she doing.

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